Soft Foot Alliance Vision

Our vision is to work to create a peaceful and abundant future in the communities living along the edge of Hwange National Park.

By supporting and being a part of facilitated dialogues within these communities we know practical and pragmatic training opportunities are one of their main desire. There is a determination to create local jobs and enterprise to uplift the whole community. Through active participation, training, determination and compassion we are seeing the community in which we live develop. In just one of SFA’s projects,  young men in local communities have have been trained in carpentry skills and plumbing skill, trades that are desperately needed in the region.

As we build on our collective learning and expand on our exciting projects our vision is to see the community, which we call home, thrive and live peacefully alongside healthy wildlife populations.

Through working together towards this goal of a landscape that is regenerated and flourishing our hope is to inspire and to help train other communities to do the same in Zimbabwe and further afield.

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Martha Spencer, President of The Soft Foot Alliance USA Inc, graduated from Auburn University in 1987 with a Bachelors of Art degree in Public Relations/Journalism. A lifelong animal lover, Martha has been active in promoting animal welfare and conservation for many years.

She supports a number of conservation organisations including, The Global Conservation Corps, Humane Society International and Animal Defenders International.

Her experience listening to Brent Stampelkamp at the Cecil Rally 2016 held in Washington, DC was life changing. Martha, her husband Chris and their teenage children fell in love with the animals and people of Zimbabwe during a two week trip to Africa in July 2017.

Lucky enough to spend days with Cecil’s youngest pride, this experience further instilled a passion to help this most iconic of all African animals along with all of the majestic animals of Zimbabwe. She is honored to work with Brent and Laurie Stampelkamp and others that are leading the conservation movement to protect these animals, help Zimbabwean people coexist with them, as well as helping to leave a smaller human carbon footprint. Martha lives in Atlanta, Georgia USA.

Chris Spencer is a New York native who now lives in Atlanta Georgia.  He graduated from The Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in 1989.

Chris owns a company which builds residential properties in Atlanta. He is active in the Boy Scouts of America and is an Eagle Scout.  He has a passion for Africa, the outdoors and conservation.  He is married to Martha Spencer and has two teenage children.

Chris travelled extensively while in college including a worldwide trip with Semester at Sea, an internship in Sweden as well as many other trips. This opportunity to see the world is just one of the reasons Chris actively supports projects protecting wildlife and the natural world.

Chris played rugby while at Georgia Tech and then for several years after college with the Atlanta Renegades Rugby Club.

Audrey Rosenberg is an Emmy-nominated film, television, and documentary producer. She co-founded the production company Invisible Pictures, whose mission is to authentically tell stories not normally represented in dominant culture.

She is Executive Producer of the HBO documentaries HIS WAY with Steven Soderbergh and BY THE PEOPLE: THE ELECTION OF BARACK OBAMA with Edward Norton. She was part of the producing team on the feature film INFAMOUS, starring Sandra Bullock, Daniel Craig and Toby Jones. She produced Sean Gullette’s award-winning feature, TRAITORS, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival. She Co-Executive Produced Dawn Porter’s award-winning TRAPPED ; Audrey was the consulting producer for Raoul Peck’s Academy-Award nominated, BAFTA winning I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO.

In 2017, Audrey had the privilege of hosting the Soft Foot Alliance Trust’s first ever fundraising event in Brooklyn. Her kinship with Brent Stapelkamp and Laurie Simpson has inspired her to develop a docuseries exploring the threats to conservation and our collective responsibility in solving human/wildlife conflict.

Soft Foot Alliance 2018 Annual Report