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The materials to produce a mobile boma cost USD $400. We have a backlog of requests from the community for bomas.

In over 3 years of use, as we have tested the design, not a single animal has been killed in a mobile-boma by either a lion or a hyena

Currently, we only have one sewing machine and, given the backlog of families interested in receiving a Mobile Boma.

We would love to purchase more sewing machines and employ more people.

Each industrial sewing machine and stand costs between US$1,500 and $2,000, depending on the make and model. 

When we run the first workshop in a new community we take everything with us for the day. As a result these workshop cost US$250.

This covers the cost of up to 12 local women going through the training.

We can’t keep up with the demand for these workshops and it is great that people are interested because it is critical that we minimise local the impact on the environment of cutting down trees for cooking. These rocket stoves are so simple and incredibly effective.

Water is critical to ensuring that local communities and wildlife live in harmony. As such this project to harvest rainwater is vitally important to our overall work. The cost of all materials for the jar and the guttering, together with all the labour costs comes to: US$350 per property.

For many people around the world access to good quality drinking water is just something that they don’t think about because it is on tap! Similarly, popping to the hardware store to pick up a rainwater tank is also not an easy option in Zimbabwe.