Kulisumpula Recycled Glass

Kulisumpula means ‘to lift oneself up’ and for 15 women from Ndagilla Village they are generating income from making beads from glass bottles collected from the safari lodges.

Cedi is a famous bead maker from Ghana and came out to train two groups of women how to turn glass bottles into beads. Building a kiln from clay we added an insulation layer mixed with sawdust to increase efficiency. The glass is then crushed into powder and shards, placed inside earthen molds and then fired in the kiln.

These unique beads are then made into jewelry, accessories and decorative items which are sold to and in the lodge shops; items are also sold in the community itself.

This not only provides income for local women, it also add to the overall permaculture strategy by tackling waste and recycling.

Stay Tuned – More Projects Coming Soon