Soft Foot Alliance’s current projects include:

  1.  Zero Visibility Mobile Bomas: Research has shown that if a lion can’t see through a barrier it won’t jump in.  Similarly, for cattle, if they can’t see the lion outside the boma (even if they smell it and hear it) they won’t break out in panic, which in turn attracts predators. In over 3 years of use not a single stock animal has been killed in a zero visibility mobile-boma by either a lion or a hyena
  2. Co-Herd(Ndawonye): The program has been designed to rebuild the status of herding in the community and with the young male demographic group needed to lock after stock animals. Those that agree to protect the communities livestock are, in their time off, given access to training to learn new trades and be a part of developing new local enterprises.
  3. Bee-Hive Fencing: Elephants are crop-raiders. Bee-hives fences are strung up around the perimeter of fields and as an elephant tries to enter the field they move the rope that in-turn wakes up the bees. In Kenya, where this strategy has been used for some time, 80% of elephants have been stopped from entering fields due to bee-hive fences.
  4. Rocket Stoves: Manufacturing highly efficient rocket stoves, from local materials, serves several purposes including protecting rural families from cooking smoke related diseases, reduced the need for collecting large amounts of wood, which can be time consuming and brings people in to contact with local wildlife. In addition, taking less wood from the local environment is enable our native tress to regenerate.
  5. Permaculture: As human impact on the planet becomes more evident to all, the diminishing resources, changing climate, and loss of species and biodiversity can become overwhelming. At the Soft Foot Alliance, we believe there is hope through using a holistic, solutions inspired approach. Permaculture design is about creating regenerative human habitats, turning away from destructive behaviour to habits that enrich our lives and environment at the same time.
  6. Heritage  Projects: We are developing a number of social enterprise opportunities in communities surrounding Hwange National Park. We are particularly excited when these opportunities are built on a permaculture foundation.

Our vision for the future is one of abundance for all, Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share. We hope that you will enjoy sharing in our journey as we keep you posted on both the highs and the lows along the way.