The Soft Foot Alliance Trust is researching and implementing a broad range of projects as we evolve our local communities knowledge of how to live well and sustainable in our local environment. By doing this we can support the native grasses and woodlands to regenerate, which in turn helps the local water table.

One project very close to our hearts is a Rocket Stove project.  In rural areas cooking is often done inside on open fires, which generate a large volume of smoke. Cooking smoke related diseases are a big risk rural families. Our Rocket Stove workshops train local women in villages throughout our region to make stoves from locally available materials.

Rocket stoves are efficient cooking devices that use draft and an insulated chimney to cook/and or heat water with very little wood. Each program participant takes home the moulds, so she can spread the knowledge and teach her family and friend. The advantages of these stoves are numerous and not only include the fact that less smoke means less respiratory disease in children from inhalation of wood smoke from open fires in closed kitchens. but also:

  1. Significantly less wood needed to cook meaning that women don’t need to venture deep into the protected area and chop trees down each week.
  2. Just a handful of small sticks to cook their meals.
  3. Less effort collecting wood means more time to do other chores.

Rocket Stove Manual

We have a number of communities requesting Rocket Stove Workshops. When we run the first workshop in a new community we take everything with us for the 3 days of training. As a result these workshop cost US$250 This covers the cost of up to 12 local women going through the training and getting the materials they need. 

If you would be willing to part or all of the costs of running a workshop that would be very welcome. 

We also encourage people to download the Rocket Stove Workshop Manual and share widely.

A great sustainable cooking technique helping families and our environment!